Connor, I would just like you to know that we all still love and support you. And I admire you for putting yourself first.

Maybe one day you’ll come back to O2l again. We just have to hope.




So from now on EVERY Monday will be Connor Franta Day. When I watched his video, I bursted into tears. I’ve been here since I don’t even know how long. I was here when Ricardo left and now I’m here when Connor is quitting o2l. I just can’t believe he’s been unhappy for 6 months. I can’t believe we didn’t see it through his smile. Everything’s is changing and I don’t like it. I just hope he gets through whatever he’s going through. I hope this isn’t real. I hope that next Monday there will be a new video up on O2L of Connor. But no matter what happens, he’s still o2l in our hearts. Btw these pictures were on Twitter. connorfranta